Today I Am

Living Simple.coverWhen I have lots of big projects on the horizon, I often get stuck looking at my to do list, desperate to find at least one task I can mark “done” by day’s end. When that’s not possible, I try to celebrate milestones and take joy in any forward movement.

Yesterday, that meant cleaning a closet.

Yes, I would have preferred to have my entire house in order, but that wasn’t going to happen. So, I brought order to the space that made me cringe the most, then visited it when I needed a reminder that my day was not wasted.

Today, I am:


Making banana bread, hoping to soften the whimpers that accompany Monday mornings (and make my house smell good at the same time).

Reading Living Simple, Free, and Happy: How to Simplify, Declutter Your Home, and Reduce Stress, Debt & Waste by Cristin Frank. I borrowed the eBook from our library after reading nothing more than the title (oh, and the bird on the cover looked so peaceful), and have been pleasantly surprised by the motivation it’s given me to do more than straighten, but actually bring order to our chaos (did you know there’s a difference?).

Wearing a sweater that was too tight a month ago, but isn’t today (thanks to Weight Watchers). Is there anything better than feeling good in your own skin? I won’t lie and say it’s been easy, but it’s been easier with my husband counting points, too. An extra perk is using this to help our boys understand what a healthy portion/serving looks like (rather than our old habit of just filling our plate or bowl based on our “hunger”).

How about you? What forward movement are you celebrating today?

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