Today I . . .

logo longThe last week has been filled with bits of this, dabs of that, some cleaning, some crafting . . . oh and back to school for our boys (4th and 7th grades), new/more work hours for my husband, getting into the routine of my new job, changing cell phone carriers, which meant learning how to use new phones, meeting the new Doctor and the start of a new season of Doctor Who  . . .

It was all good, but nothing inspired me to sit and write it down. Maybe it was just too much to write about. It doesn’t matter. Whatever it was, the silence is killing me!

So, I’m falling back on the old, “today I . . .”

  • had lunch with an old friend, who lives three states away, but is in town on business. I love a good lunch date. It always feeds the mini extrovert inside me and wakes up the parts of my brain that sit idle when I go without adult interaction for too long.
  • completed day #2 of my new laundry routine – do (at least) one load every day, finishing all three steps (wash, dry, fold). Fingers crossed this reduces the mounds of clothes that overwhelm me each weekend and reduces the number of naked men who walk around my house asking for clean underwear (wait, you mean that doesn’t happen to you?)
  • finished my first Christmas gift for 2014! Dad, this one is for you, and it’s going to be sooooooo difficult not to give it to you early.
  • enjoyed breakfast for dinner with all four members of my family sitting at the same table – a less frequent accomplishment than I’d like, but that’s the nature of retail and part-time jobs.
  • began my list of what needs to be done before Louisville’s Mini Maker Faire, September 27, 2014, where I hope to have a booth of my upcycled goodies. You may recall that I’ve talked of craft fairs in the past (promoted them, counted down to them, showed you what I was taking to them), but when all is said and done I’ve still never been a vendor at a craft fair. Unless the universe conspires against me once more, that’s about to change.

I’ll be wearing my professional organizer hat tomorrow and gearing up for some substitute teaching and another preaching gig. How about you? What was your day like or what’s on your to do list for tomorrow?