Sock Bunny

Over the years, I’ve cultivated a pretty awesome network of crafty friends, who send me all kinds of links and photos for projects they think I’ll like (and they have yet to be wrong). In addition to broadening my idea pool, these kindred spirits often intuit what resources I have too much of and send the perfect suggestion for making short order of my overstock.

Case in point: I have a bucket filled with old socks – all are clean, most are even in good shape (just no longer fit their donor), but for some reason my Monday makers just weren’t using these up. I’ve also been drowning in ribbon scraps and spent an evening culling the shortest ones from my larger stash and putting them in a clear jar, hoping their beauty might inspire someone to use them.

Then, lo and behold, yesterday, a friend from southern Illinois sent me a video for a no-sew sock bunny. Supplies needed: socks + scraps of ribbon. (Oh, and filler – rice or beans or grit/tiny pebbles).

So, I cranked out a sample (so cute!) that I’ll display at my next Maker Monday, and look forward to watching my stock of socks and scraps of ribbon disappear!