Sharing the Love

baby shower centerpiecesSometimes it takes me longer than the average person to catch on to things. I like to think of the light bulb over my head as a compact fluorescent – the light starts out a little dim, but is eventually just as bright as any other (while also being better for the environment and longer lasting – hooray CFLs!).

So, here’s what flipped my switch:

I enjoy creating things, but am trying to pare down my possessions. I love rescuing discarded items, but am running out of space to store my obtainium. (Do you see my bulb growing brighter?) Creating things that only add to the clutter in my home is counterproductive (sometimes a little crazy-making), but telling me to stop making things is like telling me to put down the chocolate (that ain’t gonna happen). So, for the time being, I’m redirecting the bulk of my energy toward making things for special events or people.

For example, last week I made centerpieces for a friend’s baby shower. I absolutely love that I’ve evolved into the kind of crafter who just dives in and lets what I have on hand determine what I will create. Scraps of ribbon, wooden skewers, paper straws, cardboard letters – all the main elements in the centerpieces (pictured) were things I’ve acquired over the years.

The three dimensional cardboard letters were used at another baby shower, three or four years ago. The paint and paper and Mod Podge I covered them in the first time made them resist the simple paper and paint coverage I tried. After some mild cursing, I remembered that gaffs in the creative process are just an opportunity for embellishments! Soon the splotchy paint and poorly trimmed edges were covered with chevron paper tape, dotted ribbon, and a thin white cord outline – resulting in a finished product far better than my original plan.

What a blast it was to go and decorate someone else’s world for a few hours (+ eat cake; baby showers always have cake) and come home to a little more wiggle room amid my craft supplies.

Next: I need to put the finishing touches on some thank you gifts for our boys’ teachers. (This Friday is the last day of school!)