Setting Up Shop

20140119_103955I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of this place. I passed it while traveling through southern Indiana this weekend and had to pull over and stare for a minute.

What do you see when you look at a place like this?

First, I see oodles and oodles of obtainium, just begging to be brushed off and spiffed up. Then, I see the potential for more obtainium (if these precious possibilities were left on the porch, to suffer in the elements, just imagine what’s inside!)

Finally, if I let myself dream big, this is the kind of place I’d love to turn into a second hand store. The rooms on the second floor could be space for fellow makers to come and work on their projects. Everyday we could highlight a different medium – fabrics (from quilting to clothes making), painting (from canvas to refurbishing old furniture), jewelry and paper crafts – with experienced makers doing their thing, while newer makers sit alongside to learn or ask questions.