Season Finale

Fans of the television show Supernatural know what to expect when Carry on, My Wayward Son, by Kansas, begins to play. It’s the season finale. Time for resolution for at least some of the plot lines, mixed with hints of what’s to come when the story resumes. The song plays in its entirety – its lyrics touching on what keeps our heroes going, season after season – accompanied by a montage of images, reminding viewers how much happened this season.

I miss the Winchester boys when they’re gone, but most of the time I welcome the break from each tumultuous season (those boys go through a lot!). I feel the same way about saying goodbye to 2013. Man, am I ready for this season’s finale!

I thought briefly about creating my own montage of images for 2013, but most of what I’d consider highlights from the last 12 months aren’t tangible. Job loss. Personal growth. Decluttering of my head, heart, and home. However, I do think I know what song I’d play: JoDee Messina’s Bring on the Rain.

Another day has almost come and gone | Can’t imagine what else could go wrong | Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door | A single battle lost, but not the war | ‘Cause tomorrow’s another day and I’m thirsty anyway, so bring on the rain.

There are still days when I’m tired of being rain-soaked, tracking mud wherever I go and dreading the times when I have to leave my home and step out into the weather. But in those rare moments, when I find a way to drink in what might otherwise drown me, I say bring it on! The biggest and best plot twist this year has been discovering that I really can make something of almost anything.

Although I’ll continue to search for better paying work opportunities, I now know my lifelong calling/occupation is to continue making something of all I’ve been given (and stop waiting for other people, places or things to help make this happen). Even better, while January 1 won’t bring resolution to any of the plot lines in my life, I believe I can look forward to some changes in next year’s script, now that I’ve stopped hiring other writers and signed a lifelong contract with the best script writer I know: me.

Happy new year!


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