Save Those Cards!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Why? Because now through the end of this year you’ll likely receive more greeting cards than you do during the other 9 months combined. While some see that as just more paper for the recycling bin, I see the potential for my favorite year round project:  gift tags!

Take another look at the front of any greeting card – how many little tags can you see?  There’s the obvious main image – the tree, the angel, the giant flower with “happy birthday” spelled out in its leaves – but there’s more. The pretty pattern along the bottom; the snow covered village that could be cropped into three small scenes (a house, a church, a school); the starry sky; the generic greeting (“thanks” or “thinking of you”). Now crop those card fronts, mount them onto a piece of card stock that complements its colors (and makes it easier to write on the back), add an embellishment or two (or not), punch a hole at the top, and voila!

Use them yourself or give them as gifts – a group of 5 or 10 makes a thoughtful gift for someone you want to thank without going overboard (a neighbor, a teacher), or could be used as an added element for that gift that needs something more (tuck them in a coffee mug; pair them with a set of scrapbooking pens).

You can see I’ve put some thought into this (I know, shocker!). This is, hands down, my favorite simple craft – easy to work on, without a lot of thought or supplies needed, and easy to crank out when I feel the need to accomplish something … now.


Dear reader: should you decide not to add this to your to do list in the coming year, but now can’t stand the idea of throwing away those beautiful card fronts, feel free to send them my way.  (seriously.)


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