New Life for an Old Chair

There is something deeply satisfying about rescuing an object bound for the trash heap and giving it a second life. I enjoy the challenge of trying to see the object as something other than what it was created to be and find the creative process much more enjoyable than when I have a pile of fresh supplies that I’m worried about wasting or ruining.

Here’s a glimpse of my latest project:




Before:  a broken chair, found curbside on trash day, just a block from our house

After: freed of its broken legs and painted to match the metal flowers and flower pots that decorate one stretch of the chain link fence in our backyard; soon to hold a flowering plant

Metro Louisville will begin having junk days in late May (where residents can put anything and everything they want to get rid of out at the curb and the city will haul it away). I feel like a child waiting for Christmas – if only I had a sleigh to haul all those goodies home with me!


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