My Latest Crush

Today marks the start of the Kentucky Derby Festival – 2 weeks of non-stop celebration, in preparation for a 2-minute horse race. I’m not a native Louisvillian, but I’ve lived in this city longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, so it’s probably time I stop hesitating or giving a laundry list of former hometowns when someone asks where I’m from.

Unlike some parts of the country, folks here are willing to help newcomers assimilate – from teaching us the proper pronunciation of our fair city’s name (Loo-uh-vull) to telling us when it’s safe to begin planting outside (the day after Derby). Our winters and springs (and summers and falls, for that matter) are sprinkled with temps that belong in other seasons, so it’s easy to assume the last season has ended and the next is unfolding … only to find out you’ve jumped the gun.

Personally, I love the crazy weather. The impromptu spring temps in January tide me over, until the real spring arrives, and Pinterest keeps me busy the other days. Speaking of Pinterest, I have a new crush! It combines my love of upcycling with my new appreciation for garden accoutrements that don’t require watering. Look!

dragonfly2Now, look more closely: that’s an old table leg for the body and ceiling fan blades for wings.

It may not be warm enough to plant anything, yet, but the weather is just right for an obtainium hunt. Cross your fingers someone is getting rid of an old ceiling fan this weekend!

You can see more of these beauties at and find the artist on Pinterest at


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