Made with Love

liam pillowWhile my brain is working overtime, composing daily emails during Lent, my hands have been completing some of the projects in my to do pile. I love the way this pillow turned out (thankfully, so does our youngest son, owner of said pillow). Long ago (and yards of fabric away) this was his blankie, made before he was born and always at his side, through good times and bad. Fast forward nine years and all that’s left is enough for an 8″ x 10″ pillow. Actually, not even that, since I had to create a felt heart patch to cover a tear in the fabric.

It’s been in my to do pile for close to a year. I kept thinking he’d forget about it and I’d just add the fabric scrap to his baby book. But every few months he’d ask, “How’s it going with that project, mom?” (Oh, if you could see that sweet face when he asked!) The day will come, soon enough, when I can tuck this pillow away with his baby things. For now, I’ll keep making something of whatever bit of blanket remains, for as long as he wants it.