Little House on the Prairie

20130911_215457Our youngest’s third grade teacher is reading Little House on the Prairie out loud to her class. In an attempt to make Half-Pint and her peeps just a little more engaging for our 8-year old son, I busted out the cardboard and scissors and we made our own covered wagon.

Of course I found this idea online (why reinvent the wheel when I can Google it?). Look at this: it’s nothing more than a cardboard box and a piece of cardstock, bowed and tucked inside the open box. Bam! Instant covered wagon.

I swear, I should have been an elementary school teacher or an event planner. I love a good theme day! I pulled out some of our family tree stuff and showed him ancestors who lived at the same time Laura Ingalls Wilder was alive. Then I went to our library’s website and reserved a copy of the season 1 of the Little House TV series to watch this weekend.

Next week, maybe I’ll whip up some corn bread and pack his lunch in a pail!

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