Keeping Things Together

In a perfect world, everything would hold its shape – stacks of things would remain stacked, cords and cables would remain wound, bedding would remain folded. Alas, the simple act of living undoes these shapes, which, in turn, often leaves me undone. So, I make order where I can and constrain things whenever possible.

20140225_145228First example: cords and cables

A rubber band will work just fine to keep a cord from unwinding, but an empty toilet paper roll can be decorated! The one pictured here is covered in washi tape, followed by a thin coat of Mod Podge. On a recent snow day, I made a handful of these beauties and successfully corralled the contents of our cord and cable drawer.

20140303_213604Next: bedding

Remember when I invited suggestions for ways to use all the elastic bands I’d saved from old shorts and underwear? One way I’m using them is to harness unwieldy quilts and blankets. I know, it’s out of character for me to leave these au naturale, but this just gives me something to work on the next time I hit a creative dry spell.


Finally: another box

I’m proud to say that most of my favorite elements for organizing were once headed for the recycle bin. Case in point, this little metal mesh bin. It must have had magnets or embellishments on it at some point, because something was obviously torn off, leaving sharp, ragged spots that were both unappealing and dangerous.

But, glue some sturdy ribbon over the offending holes and it’s no longer a threat to fingers.


20140211_162149 (1)Once something’s tucked inside it, the holes really aren’t even noticeable … especially if the something is shiny, new business cards!

Sure, I could go hog wild at a place like the Container Store or Ikea, where they have means for storing things that I haven’t even dreamed of yet. But then my house would look like everyone else’s and who wants that?