OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m not always productive (yes, even I spend my day rearranging deck chairs, from time to time). But yesterday was one of those days when one project required I complete another project, and then those two projects required the reallocation of space, and that snowballed into our reorganizing three out of the five closets in our home. At first, I felt badly for my men – none of whom had any idea this is how they’d spend their day. In the end, however, my husband has more room to work, our boys rediscovered some board games and toys that they’re still playing with today, and I have a dedicated space for my obtainium.

It all started after a trip to Good Garbage. They were giving away (yes, I said giving away) books of fabric and wallpaper samples. Although I didn’t bring home as many as I wanted to, I did make quite a haul. The haul inspired a much needed work day and the work day provided some much needed inspiration.

20140811_134912I spent last night in my idea of heaven, gleaning good fabric from the sample books, trimming the edges with my pinking shears, and brainstorming all the ways I could use these (while binge-watching Torchwood on Netflix).

The best part? These Good Garbage + inspiration opportunities will happen more frequently this fall, as I start blogging for Good Garbage, sharing project ideas and instructions for making something out of what you can find there.

My first post is September 1 (and yes, I’ll link to it here!)


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