Favorite finds

Beautiful weather inspired a plethora of yard sales this weekend. Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite finds.

Printer’s tray; $7.00

It’s not uncommon to see a more modern version of this – intended to hold thimbles or shot glasses or tiny, ceramic animals – but a genuine printer’s tray is a fabulous find. And, in spite of the healthy dose of character its acquired over the years, $7.00 is worth it.


Ceramic plant pot; .10-cents

Yes, you read that correctly – ten cents! – without a chip or a flaw anywhere on it. As opposed to most decorative planters, it has holes so water can drain into the base and it’s a lovely shade of purple-ish gray. Oh, and did I mention it was .10-cents?!


Both of these finds came from the Pewee Valley Presbyterian Church’s youth yard sale, so we did our best to take home as much stuff as we could … to help the youth, of course. Alas, I can’t include pics of everything we bought because many of our finds have the potential for turning into Christmas gifts. As of today, there are 100 days until Christmas. Yikes!