Denim Tote Bags

I love reusable bags, especially sturdy ones. It took some time, but I’ve acquired enough to have an ample stash in each car and do a pretty good job of remembering to take them into the store with me when I shop.

Surprisingly, I’m not bothered that my bags don’t match and aren’t all the same size. Most of them were free – a gift-with-purchase, a giveaway from some event, a reward for mailing in x-number of labels and a proof-of-purchase – and who can complain about free? But I wasn’t that keen on carrying a bag with a logo for a business or organization I don’t support. Of course, most of those are my sturdiest bags. So, what’s a girl to do?


Give them a makeover!

It happens that most of the offending bags are dark blue. Well, I just happen to be swimming in a ton of denim, salvaged from jeans my boys have worn out or that no longer fit them. I aspired to make denim bags, but recognized that I have neither the sewing skills nor the patience needed for making a tote bag from scratch. I can, however, cut two pieces of denim to cover the front and back of an existing bag and sew those suckers on there.

Ta da! It’s a fancy, new, denim(ish) tote bag! I cranked out three last night, while watching Magnificent Obsession on Turner Classic Movies, and went to bed very satisfied with myself.


Note: Although I changed the needle in my sewing machine to one made specifically for sewing denim, I used regular sewing thread and it broke – a lot. For my next round of bags I’ll try Coats & Clark Dual Duty Denim Thread for Jeans. It defeats my goal of only using what I have on hand, but if it breaks less (or, dare I dream, not at all) it will be worth it.


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