Curb Appeal

greeting cardsI bet, most days, your mailbox looks a lot like mine: bill, bill, bill, junk mail, bill. With Christmas behind us, getting the mail isn’t nearly as much fun as it was a few weeks ago.

Until today.

Tucked underneath the sad little pile of correspondence in our mailbox, was a large padded envelope, filled with greeting cards! You see, a friend of mine remembered reading my offer to make something out of cards that would otherwise be recycled or thrown away. So she packed hers up and shipped them to me.

Based on my reaction, my neighbors probably thought I’d received a belated Christmas present. And to me these are a gift – one that’s harder to find than you might think. It’s like having to wait until I’ve finished the whole box of cereal before I can have my prize. I’ve got ideas galore, but so much of what occupies space on my Pinterest boards requires items that are used, so I must bide my time and catch them on their way to curb.

Today, the curb came to me.

gift tagsHere’s my favorite thing to make with used greeting cards: gift tags!

Just crop out the pretty parts, mount them on cardstock, punch a hole in the corner and – bippity-bobbity-boo – you’ve upcycled an old card into a new gift tag.

Bundle 8 or 10 of them together and you have a simple and practical gift for teachers or coworkers. Crank out enough of them and you’ll have tags for any occasion, whenever you need them. Best of all, you’ll never spend money on gift tags again!


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