And the Winner Is . . .

If you follow Making Something of It on Facebook, then you’re up to speed on my latest effort to connect with more kindred spirits. I set a goal of reaching 300 “likes” for my page by July 4th. If I met that goal, I promised to give away three of my upcycled creations to three followers, chosen at random.

In the end, I was 16 likes short, but I felt like the spirit of the goal was more than met, with 60+ new likes in less than two weeks. So, I broke my own rules (try it sometime – it’s fun!) and gave away two prizes, with a promise to give the third prize whenever the page reaches 300 likes.

Our youngest son kept things honest, by drawing the names out of the hat for me, while I documented this auspicious moment. Yes, I printed all 284 names and cut them out, folded them in half, and put them in a hat. Then, my able assistant stirred the slips of paper, reached in, and drew two names.

Congratulations Lea E. Campbell and Amy Wilton!

If you’re kicking yourself for missing this opportunity, knock that off and get ready for your next chance to win! Like Making Something of It on Facebook, follow MakingSomethin on Twitter, find Making Something of It on Pinterest, and subscribe to email updates from this site – you’ll find that option in the upper right-hand corner on any page of this site.