A Quick Re:Wrap

I had a couple of requests to show how I use scarves as reusable gift-wrap. Here goes:

Obviously, the process will vary some, depending on the size and shape of the gift, as well as the size and shape of the scarf. This example is ideal in both cases – a flat and rectangular gift, wrapped in a large, square scarf.

Place the gift in the center of the scarf, with the scarf turned so the “points” of the square are on each side and not aligned with the corners of the gift.


Pull together two opposite points and tie a single knot.


Do the same with the other side, pulling up the points and tying a single knot so that it rests above the first knot.


Then reach under the second knot, grab the ends of the first knot and tie them again (another single knot). The knot-on-top-of-knot-on-top-of-knot (that’s THREE single knots, for those of you keeping score) keeps all the sides tucked in and makes a pretty flourish in the center of the gift.


It’s a gift you can feel good about giving and actually hope to see re-gifted!